Can I take effective golf lessons online from my laptop?

Question by : Can I take effective golf lessons online from my laptop?

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  • Golf 'n Pix says:

    The effectiveness of any lesson – golf or otherwise – is your ability to take the information and apply it to the needed exercise. That being said, golf is in a class by itself because to most effectively teach golf, one needs to be observed from the 3rd person. This can be achieved through the use of mirrors, video cameras or other means, but the result will be the same as long as you have a thorough view of your swing. If you have a webcam and your teacher does as well, this will be a big help because it will allow you to see their examples as well as allowing them to see what you’re doing

  • Steve says:

    Yes. There are a few excellent websites that will teach you how to make a perfect golf swing. The best ones have HD videos and send you great tips in your email. I came across one site that allowed you to get feedback and even swing analysis from the pro. You may have to pay a monthly fee to get all the site’s services, but some instruction sites give you quite a bit of nice information to get started for free.

  • Rick says:

    Sure. There are websites which offer golf lessons online and help you improve on your swings and any other weaker aspects of your game.

  • Mark says:

    Yes there are some good sites online for teaching golf, this is one i found that has a system where you can send videos of your swing for the coach to look at. but it is not free there is a fee to pay! I think they do a free trial period not sure how long for though check it out it might be what you are looking for.

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