Correct Golf Swing Plane

The ReFiner golf training aids improve your golf swing by feel not complicated swing mechanics. A quick warm up swing with the ReFiner will remind you rather quickly of the ideal golf grip pressure, correct swing plane and swing tempo. Golfers the world over are always in search of the perfect golf swing or the right golf swing. The better your golf swing is, the more now produce golf swing analysis software. Most golfers have too long a swing and can gain much by shortening their swing, going so far as to try and take only a half swing on many shots. The golf shoulder turn is an important aspect if you are going to get your golf swing on plane.

The Plane Finder golf training aid works by finally allowing golfers to feel where the swing plane is. The Vharness golf swing trainer forces you to make the best swing you can with the right fundamentals. The PlaneFinder by Hank Hany is a golf training aid designed for all golfers who want to improve their swing. The Plane Finder training aid is portable, lightweight, and can be used anywhere. The swingyde golf training aid teaches correct wrist hinge and maintains square clubface throughout the golf swing. A powerful properly sequenced golf swing is a blend of many dynamic and synchronized motions.

A flatter swing plane will produce a lower ball flight while a steeper swing plane will create a higher ball flight. The swing plane goes from the front shoulder joint to the ball to the target. Your golf ball will travel in the wrong direction if your club is not square with the ball. One of the most frequent errors in a golf swing is the constant over-rolling of golf clubs. There are two circles or sweeps which, merged together, form the golf swing. You can not take advantage of a great golf swing with a poor setup position.

You can use any plane angle you choose and you can shift from any plane angle to another as long as the base of the plane does not change. Because a golfer stands at an angle to the target, the plane has to be found during the swing. In a two-plane swing, the backswing plane and downswing plane cross one another. Because at the half way point in the backswing and downswing, a person can have what looks like a one plane swing and yet be a two plane golf swing. The will not be able to give you a rational answer. The likely answer will be stuttering or a blank stare.

The key in the one plane swing is swinging the arms around behind the body rather than lifting of the arms in front of the body. A high handed leg driven swing is simply biomechanically very hard on the body and leads to far more injuries than a properly performed body driven swing. When teaching proper swing plane the club club should be swinging slightly under on the downswing relative to where it traveled on the back swing with little variation. In a one-plane golf swing, the player takes the club back around his body, rather than lifting if fairly straight over his head. With the left arm velcroed to the chest, the body can rotate as hard it likes without ever worrying about trying to control the arms. In the one plane swing, the arms, club and shoulders are already on the proper plane, allowing the golfer the freedom to simply rotate the body back to the left.

On your upswing your weight will move to your right side and on your downswing you should transfer it to your left side. The lower body feels very coiled, ready to unwind in its own flat plane, and capable of producing tremendous torque once you let it go. Once you have reached the top of your backswing, you need to start moving back towards your ball. Where there is too much hip tilt to the left in the backswing, it is difficult to shift your weight properly to the right in the backswing. You need to rotate the hips and shoulders around your spine, not shift the weight from side to side. The secret to creating power is allowing the hips to be influenced by the shoulders as you swing to the top, rather than forcing the hips into a turn.

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