Eradicate Golf Slice

by dgeert

One of the most fun games golf is with largest amount of fans in the world. It could be played by people even ladies, men, or chilidren, but men are the major players. There are kinds of skills which one needs to know and practice when one learn this game.


This golf slice embarrasses most golfers and if not controlled, can make them quit the game. However, there are various steps that any golfer can follow to eliminate such problems. To start with, a player should hit the ball straight and always set himself correctly with the hips, shoulders as well as placing his feet to the line target. Try to imagine that there is another ball placed just ahead of the actual ball which is purchased from store of golf clubs on sale and start by aiming and strike the ball and try hard not to lose focus of the club that travels to the imaginary ball along the path. The golfer is assisted by the imaginary ball to keep the downswing hence preventing the golf swing.It must be noted that the entire swing is set by the first backswing few feet. It is advisable to check first feet of the backswing and later take the club back square.


It is always good to take the best path by making sure that the club head will come from the inside target line to the line at impact and then later inside it. starting with the arms down from a good position helps the golfer approach the ball in a good angle because the shoulders will have unwound soon enough making the arms spun outward and to the path that is correct. Another bright idea is taking the whole thing easy and not tightening the grip so much and rather relaxing throughout the exercise. Aim your clubface straight to the base and use your arm to the left, hit the ball hard after aiming well. You can also change the grip of your hands by tightening the grip slowly by slowly to the right until your hands reach the maximum grip and then make a massive shot with wholesale golf equipment.Your hands, wrist and arms should be the ones to make backswing move to the top. This technique will help reduce the tension while on the play thus reducing the chances of a golf slice. Flying the elbow or flapping them on the breeze causes the production of a golf slice. There is a likelihood of a downswing when there is a turn to your left hip. The right shoulder should be lowered and the right elbow be allowed to return to the side on your right. Proper positions that need enhancement include placing your right arm nearer the torso than the left arm.


It is proper to also put the shoulders pararell to the line of the target and also ensuring that shoulders to the right are lower than the left. The above tips will cure golf slice.

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