Golf advice for someone trying to improve short game?

Question by answergenie: Golf advice for someone trying to improve short game?
I love golf but my short game is lacking, any general advice for me?

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Answer by ThepoosypunishA
in putting, most beginners have trouble aiming… need to setup your stance however you need to, to get your head directly over your putter head….this way you can look straight down at your putter and hopefully be able to aim better……as far as around the greens, I had the same problem a couple years ago, but I found a way to get around that….you just have to become a “bump and run” master….practice this…in that awkwark distance of 25-50 yds. take your 6 iron and do a quarter, to a half a swing. practice this over and over and you will see what Im talking about. It will help your game out alot, but its more of a temporary fix as its not a good strategy for getting over bunkers and hazards, but if you practice it, and get decent with it, you can shave 5 or 6 strokes off your round. Good luck!

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  • Leafsfan29 is on the 1st tee says:

    You should, at a minimum, spend at least 3/4 of your practice time on your short game.

    Track your rounds shot by shot, including # of putts taken per hole.

    Remember…break is a function of speed. By that, a softly hit putt will exaggerate the break, while a harder-hitt putt will minimize the break.

    Work on your putts from 10 feet in. Concentrate on making a smooth stroke and following through.

    Chipping…unless you are more skilled, your focus on chips and pitch shots should be to get the ball on the green and rolling as soon as possible. Learn to hit chips with a 7/8 iron (put the ball back in your stance and make the same stroke you would as with a putt) from short grass. In other words, leave the 60 degree wedge at home.

    During practice, hit a few chips and then putt them out. See how many times it takes you two shots to get in (one chip, one putt) as opposed to 3 or 4, or more.

    Bunker shots…make a firm swing, hit 1-2″ behind the ball, and don’t decel. Get out in one shot, even if you have a long putt.

  • wizebloke says:

    I have a 3 par or chip and putt near me. that helped my short game.
    the final approach shot to the green is more important than the tee shot.

    practise from 3 feet from the hole til you get 100% in, then from 5 feet out till you have 60 to 80% in. So now if you long putt from the edge of the green to that 5 foot circle, you know you are likely to 2 putt the green

  • cottagstan says:

    Buy, read, study, and practice the routines in Dave Pelz’ book “The Short Game Bible”. You’ll be amazed how your game will improve. Most of all, your confidence in your short game will skyrocket, and this alone will bring down your scores.

  • chimps692001 says:

    when it comes to chipping around the green it helps me if i take my hips out of the equation and use solely my arms and wrists. It makes it easier to make good contact with the ball and get it to go where you want it to.

  • Dave says:

    Practice a lot on your short game. Also, getting lessons will help tremendously.

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