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Golf is known as the most difficult golf skills! Most people say that they did not do well, they are the losses in the putting on and continue to the last article, Getting Started putting skills!

4. Arm swing
In the skilful swing, the arm should move freely from the start putting the shoulder to prevent unwanted wrist action produced. You can check the arm swing of a good golf grip is to the end in place of a tee. When the movement when appropriate, golf tees, with arms and head towards the target. If the putter head to move forward, and golf tees removed from the goal, then the trouble will appear.
5. Rhythm (20 minutes)
Putting the continued success must have a sense of rhythm, that is, the inherent rhythm of your swing and forward swing and post rhythm together. The best way to practice is to use the rhythm of a metronome assisted exercises. Beats per minute will be set at 54 ~ 64 times, practice until you putting the beat with the rhythm of your tune. Practice swing a few times as possible, so after the end of a swing beat, before the end of the play again in another beat. Continued to practice swing, the rhythm of cure for the muscle memory. With practice, you will build a natural swing rhythm.
◇ putting the accuracy of the correction
Most players experience this problem too focus on the technical level and the ball side of things, and less attention to the need much power to drive the ball a certain distance, which is putting contacts. If your putter is not accurate, then it may help correct for the following three exercises.
1. In the whole process of targeting swing: try three long putts, at least 50 feet away. If you follow the standard, the majority of your efforts will be wasted. Try putting the same, but this time in the whole process of watching you swing the target. Possible problem is that you can hit the ball through the hole. Reason is that your eyes have a strange way of communicating with the body. This exercise leads you hit the ball well before the formation of the action, until you can grasp the putter strength to push the ball looking at the target.
2. Safe areas of practice: After the hole on the greens along the draw a semicircle. The length of the putter as a reference, and a few pieces of spherical coordinates with the circumference of the putter. Length from different exercises until you promote a continuous 10 to push the ball to score the hole or holes around the security zone.
3. And golfers to putt competitions: the Friends of a ball and a putting contest, who will come to score the ball close to the hole. Each successful putt on the award of 5 in the length of putting 2 points. Reward points close to the hole will be judged based on. If the ball onto any security zone, then subtract 1 point.
◇ build self-confidence (10 minutes)
Putting the world’s best players be able to identify the green, and accurately judge distances. They trained the ability to accurately target, with a first-rate putter technology. Rhythm is a fluent and coherent, consistent. However, with these technologies is not enough light so that they become a good player, only the putter and hit the ball into the hole used to see the situation and provide feedback to the sound heard is the best player to be considered.
Try as much as possible within 1 hour of short putts. Putting my best score is 56 points. You can set up according to their level of putting a target, say 10 or 15. Putting the distance can be reduced into a 2 to 3 feet. Put them in different angles in the hole, then putt. Serious about it, as if it is a large tournament victory. Use your imagination, imagine you have to promote a three-foot putt, the playoff defeat Tiger – Woods. Can dream of a psychological campaign suggests, allows you to create a good mental outlook.

For more information all in: Thanks for you reading.

For more information all in: Thanks for you reading.

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  • Guinness World Records says:

    *Swinging and winning with the longest usable golf club!*
    As featured in our new 2015 book out now, check out Denmark’s *Karsten Maas*
    with his record-breaking golf club. The club is *4.37 metres (14 ft 5 in)*
    in length and has been used to drive a ball over a distance of 165.46 m
    (542 ft 10.16 in).

    #gwr60 #golf #golfing #guinnessworldrecords #officiallyamazing
    #worldrecord #denmark 

  • Talemire says:

    Imagine getting hit in the head with that thing.

  • stefan noordhoek says:

    Or is that a long shot?

  • Jon Dye says:

    He looks like Sephiroth with that thang:

  • SouthOCmixdown says:

    That thing isn’t a golf club.

    It’s a buggy whip for a dinosaur.

  • gary h says:

    The theory is, all else being equal (i.e., assumed irrelevant), the longer
    the shaft length, the higher the club head speed, the farther the ball will
    travel. However, all else is not irrelevant. Even with today’s
    lightweight materials, the longer the shaft, the heavier the shaft, the
    harder it is to swing, the harder it is to swing fast (speed), and the
    longer it takes to get the clubhead up to a certain speed (slower
    acceleration) applying a given force (i.e., the human’s given strength).
    Further, the center of mass moves further out the shaft the longer the
    shaft gets, making it tougher to generate the speeds and accelerations just

    At a mere 180 yards for a drive, obviously he has exceeded the optimal
    shaft length for a driver. With a standard length club, a decent average
    golfer can drive the ball 250 yards. Many good golfers can drive up to
    around 300 yards and some pros (and non-pros) go beyond 300 yards, again,
    all with a standard length driver.

  • Dave Stang says:

    Fun record! Good for you. A practical world record attempt which can be
    attempted by anyone with normal equipment could be something like this:
    From 100 yards hit as many shots within 10 feet of the pin as you can in 60
    seconds. You can measure out a 20 foot-radius circle with chalk or tape. It
    is the final resting position of every ball inside the circle that counts.
    The real difficulty of this exercise is that you have no time to follow the
    flight of the ball.You must trust your instincts that your swing is correct
    and immediately move to the next ball. You can also try this for 120
    seconds or 180 seconds. 

  • BinkieMcFartnuggets says:

    What’s more amazing is the record implies that some people have bigger golf
    clubs than that which serve no useful function.

  • Mischa Gasser says:

    i didn t know that sephiroth has a golf club

  • DanieleGiorgino says:

    That’s hilarious. You could probably get 500 yard drives with minimal

  • T Hoang says:

    One may think he is compensating for something.

  • fluffynoses says:

    golf sucks thanks to the Ryder Cup

  • Arthur Nagel says:

    Habe einen solchen bestellt. Zieht euch warm an. Hahahaha

  • bob suruncle says:

    how long does he hit it with this

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