Golf Swing Video Analysis

Video capture of the golf swing allows an overall assessment of golf swing mechanics with an additional benefit as an instructional tool for clients. A golf pro may be able to help you with perfect golf swing drills. There are perfect golf swing drills in books, magazines, and videos, as well as online. A video camera will record the golf swing and play the video on a computer. The better quality of your video, the better your swing analysis will be. A swing analysis can be done with the naked eye, mirror, or video and computer technology.

The golf grip is one of the most important fundamentals of the golf swing and often the most difficult to teach and to learn. The Simple Golf Swing is all about developing a consistent and repeatable golf swing built around the proper swing plane. In the JVGA you learn how to read your misses to understand what you are doing right or wrong in the golf swing. When you are playing a fade, the timing of the swing is the real key. Once your golf swing is more in tune with your natural rhythm you want to keep it that way. One of the best ways to learn how to swing a golf club properly is to copy what the best player do in their swings.

The flight and direction of the circular club head path determines the type of swing plane. By continuing to sweep after impact, you will naturally lift the club head as your body follows through. In the one plane swing, the right arm should be perpendicular to the ground. There are some body-joint positions at the top of the backswing which make it easy for your body to deliver the club correctly at impact. In essence you will be well served by a good swing where you naturally put a solid controlled descending blow on the ball. You should bring your hips through the ball and allow your hands to follow.

You can hit the ball with confidence because you will know that the ball will travel longer and straighter more of the time. Although standing only a few feet away from the screen, you can hit a golf ball as hard as you can swing. You want the ball to strike the clubface near the CG. The driver is the most difficult club to hit since it is the longest. The GPS unit registers where on the course you were when you hit that club. The force of the ball hitting the screen will show how far the ball has traveled.

The tee in the handle should point at the target line and form an L with your left arm. The up-the-line view, taken from along the target line looking back toward the golfer, is the weak sister of the three. There is no point in hitting a ball 300 yards right of your intended target. A slice is caused by hitting the golf ball with a club face that is traveling out to in, or from outside the target line to inside the target line. The good bowler will start the ball away from his target and curve it in. You ask 100 different players, you might get about 60 different answers.

The view from front is going to tell you more about the angle of approach and swing speed. Rather than to bemoan, why do not you be more supportive. You’ll be astonished having a little bit of concentration, how very much you will be able to expand. You should feel your right shoulder move a little bit under your left as you go through, and then you finish on your straight left side. Since the ball is at your side, the swing will be circular in shape. For a regular curveball thrown by a right-handed pitcher, the ball naturally travels in a path that draws it down and to the left.

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