Golf Tips – Anthony Kim – Short Game and Putting

Golf Tips - Anthony Kim - Short Game and Putting

A Korean American, Kim was born in Los Angeles and resides in Dallas, Texas. He attended La Quinta High School in La Quinta, California. After High School he attended the University of Oklahoma for three years. He was part of the winning USA team in the 2005 Walker Cup. Kim turned professional in 2006 and after receiving a sponsor’s exemption he finished in a tie for second on his PGA Tour debut at the 2006 Valero Texas Open. He earned his PGA Tour card through the qualifying school for the 2007 season. He made a strong start and broke into the top 100 in the Official World Golf Rankings in May 2007 with four top 10 finishes during his rookie season on the PGA Tour. In the 2007 US Open, he shot a final round 67 earning him a tie for 20th place (he started the day at T57). His 67 was the lowest for the round and second lowest for the tournament. In May 2008, Kim won his first PGA Tour tournament at the Wachovia Championship, defeating former British Open champion Ben Curtis by five shots. Kim’s 16-under par 272 total is the lowest score in the tournament’s history. He shot an opening day 70, but rallied for subsequent rounds of 67-66-69 and was several shots clear of Curtis most of the final round. He earned 52000 for his victory, and reached a new career high of 16th in the world rankings.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Learn the key to hitting a solid pitch shot.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • Alfie Lontoc says:


  • jcking33 says:

    me too! i’ll follow…

  • wenstans7111 says:

    Awesome! What a great business. Count me in!


    phils actually ranked one of the worst bunker players on tour

  • unholybadge95 says:

    it is such a difference between Anthony kim and lets say Phil Mickelson out of the bunker. From that spot Phil would have knocked the ball 3 feet from the hole. Seriosly watch this and then watch Phils bunker shots video

  • gomezzz21 says:

    he always sounds so stoned !

  • WHOSTHEONE1 says:

    love how he always says amatures this and that, this dudes a party animal and his rich friends arent the normal amatures out there.

    also shot on the eight hole at the end doesnt look the same to me!!! but who am i

  • WHOSTHEONE1 says:

    love how he always says amatures this and that, this dudes a party animal and his rich friends arent the normal amatures out there.

  • martialartist34 says:

    Nice video.. loved the final shot

  • hixenbaugh1328 says:

    im sure he helps several amatuers at his local course

  • speakandleak says:

    how many amatuers do you seee? lol

  • 82PeRK says:

    dam that was just funny
    thumbs up

  • IDougyyy says:

    Nice video, thanks for the help buddy 🙂

  • DreamsofMajesty says:

    scribd (dot) com/nb812

  • NBaimf says:

    Don’t you ever touch my little white balls without asking!

  • 4golfonline says:

    Great video. Very clear and easy to follow.

  • zIITaLeNTzIIz says:

    Spelling mistake. Eh isn’t a word suppose school is for queers after all.

  • eduarfull says:

    El golf no es deporte, el golf es Ocio y una completa porqueria para vagos parásitos humanos, sin oficio ni beneficio, buenos para nada. Son tan flojos que ni caminan estas porquerias golfistas, necesitan de un carrito para ir a la otra cancha de golf. Mas deporte seran los video juegos que esa porqueria del golf.

  • TMCVIII says:

    Wow; what’s with all the anger and hostility? It’s just a golf video… If we want to improve our pitch shots, we watch instructional videos, which makes us golfers.
    Todd Anderson is a Golf Digest Top-100 teacher; I think he’s the head pro at the Breakers in Palm Beach.

  • DaDonnieDawg says:

    You want to put your fist in us and we’re queers?

  • Bjorn37 says:

    ill pit shot my fist in anyone that takes golf seriously golf if for queers

  • watthwqo says:

    then why the fuck are you even watching it. lmao i hate people like you who dont even have a clue about what the fuck their talking about. dumbshit.

  • calddani says:

    you guy are so fucking gay and retarded golf is the gayest sport in the freakin world.

    fuck you all

  • ragoer675 says:

    An old golf buddy of mine (pro) has a pretty good program out now that guarantees you’ll get under 80 in two weeks. Golferbreak80dotcom

  • ULar0071 says:

    if you think it’s a great video and the advice is solid, then who cares who the guy is? If it makes sense and improves your game, it could be Dick Cheney!

  • 4golfonline says:

    great video but who is todd anderson????????

  • Gyro911 says:

    I dont understand why amateurs have the audacity to disagree with this guy. He’s a pro and uses proven techniques

  • BrngBckOldCOB says:

    This guy looks like the guy on the show “To Catch a Predator.”

  • webbum says:

    Why is the butt of the club pointed at a target line that sits behind the ball?
    I thought the target line was suppose to be inline with the ball.

  • keefgan89 says:

    bottomley in the game of golf, u have to have hands leading the clubhead unless u wanna scoop it and hit skinny shots.

    please know what ur talking about before posting a comment

    great video

  • bognorboy101 says:

    couldent agree more on a pitch shot u dont want your hands leading the shot the position you have at adress is the postion you should have at impact and keeping straight wrists with the follow through

  • delinquent3241 says:

    he isn’t the reason average golfers suck. The reason is because the average golfer is not athletic and they just suck.

  • kbakken1 says:

    A great video illustrating this is:


  • kbakken1 says:


    What are you talking about??!!?

    The hands always lead before the clubhead. Even at impact, the hands are ahead of the clubhead, and the clubhead goes down through the ball taking the divot after (except for the Driver where it goes up, hence putting the ball more forward in the stance).

    The hands lead the club, the shoulders lead the hands, the hips lead the shoulders.

    Go ahead and look at slow motion vids of Tiger.  You will see this.

  • hachiegolf2010 says:

    you are wrong and right bottomley2. you want your hands leading the shot, but at impact it does return to the same postion

  • bottomley2 says:

    This is the worst advice ever. You are the exact reason why average golfers suck. How come Jack Nicklaus, the greatest golfer ever, says you should try and get the clubhead in front of your hands as soon as possible on the downswing. He says you should have the club sitting vertical at address and then return it to there. YOU DO NOT WANT YOUR HANDS LEADING THE SHOT. Don’t believe me watch tiger, or look up Jack. Not some chump named Greg Anderson. Please remove this video!

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