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English golf is the world open golf which is green (Green), oxygen (Oxygen), Sun (Light) and pace (Foot). And a number of “collisions” of movement compared to the elegant golf which has a unique advantage. In July 18, 2009, a product in gold Guyunhu golf course was held nearly a hundred players to take the heat swing golf course.


The Guyunhu Stadium will be held for the first beauty contest final Shandong golf for taylormade burner 2.0, hundreds of players after the preliminaries, semi-finals of the competition, after the quiz, individual talent, show and golf swing and other physical four areas of competition, the final selection of 12 as a golf ambassador for the appearance of Shandong, Shandong play golf outreach and promotion of the task.


In October 20, 2009, it will test the water Golf 11th National Games, “Shandong Gold Cup” First National Golf Team held here, which is the State Sports General Administration official golf tournament in the opening of the. Subsequently, August 22, 2010, organized by the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China 2010 “China Industrial and Commercial Bank Cup” Golf Tour Invitational tournament Jinan races are held here.


Industry data, domestic investment in 18-hole golf course costs an average of 153 million, a golf course generally need to purchase about 1200 acres of land, together with site construction costs, construction costs hall, golf course maintenance fees about 3 million.


To maintain the stadium year in fixed costs of about 8 million to 10 million yuan, plus taxes and fees, court received 35,000 passengers per year to play, per person consumption of 750 yuan or more. To maintain this level, the majority of golf courses across the country are extremely difficult. According to Liu vice president that, to provide support services to the court a total of 430 jobs, mainly to locals.


According to a local villager’s express, he clearly remember Guyunhu golf courses with taylormade r11 driver accounted for 1974 acres of land to the village, then the compensation standard is 5000 yuan. Golf course was built before the 106 villas, built 25 since last year, accounted for the village after the new land, ready to build 18.


Strong in Changqing District created to promote tourism resort, Wufengshan national 5A tourist resort in the construction of the first phase of cloud Koyama 4,9 villa area, in the context of the expansion Golf Resort, villa prices have risen to the average price of 15,000 yuan square meter.


Also in the loss of training grounds with r11 driver, golf development is not “ball”. In the high-pressure policy, the birth of a golf training field is essential. Jinan famous Golf Club of Great Britain is located in Jinan city, and covers an area of 100 acres with entertainment and food-based and a total of 50 combat-bit driving range. According to the club staff, said Zhang Feifei, where many people do not usually, business efficiency is not very optimistic.


Hainan Golf Association vice chairman Zheng Wenjian, the media gave away the secret. Qi Cheng operates conditions of the golf course at a loss, but the developer is still unabated interest due to a lot of golf to build the stadium, but it will enhance real estate projects with real estate value and quality.

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