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For players to do well in golf, they must possess the right set of golf club. Whether you are a beginner or a certified golf player, it is important that you have appropriate golf clubs to ensure precision and finesse in the sport. Employing tips in choosing a golf club is essential so players can be guided on how to make a good choice.

The task of choosing golf clubs involves certain considerations. Basically, golfers must reflect on their body, height and stature; level of skill, swing speed and their individual personal preferences. Do this under an objective point of view. Determine if you have a particular handicap. Your height must be suitable with the appropriate golf club shaft length which can be found in reviewing graphs.

Once you have a clear view as to how you play your game then start with visiting golf shops. Make sure that they have a wide variety of club to choose from and that the retailers are generous with tips and are knowledgeable enough on how to choose the right golf club for you. There are about more than ten sets for every golf clubs so it is vital that you take a good look at each set. See which ones you find most pleasing to your taste. The golf club you will buy must be something you are proud of because if you are not, then this may take its toll on how you play the game. Buy from a store that offers the best deals and prices.

If you can, ask help from a respectable and reliable golf professional. They may be found on golf retail stores or they can be your friends or fellow golf players. These people must be able to assist you when it comes to choosing the right golf irons. As a buyer, it is imperative that you inform the professional your skill level, height and speed capacity honestly so they can choose the right golf clubs for you.

Once all the necessary details have been given and you have chosen a particular golf club set, then they must give you a chance for a club fitting session. You can play in an indoor golf facility and see whether the club that you have chosen fits you perfectly and is in jive with your skill and finesse. While doing this, the golf expert must be there continuously giving tips to ultimately determine which set is most suitable for you.

If you have bought your most wanted golf club set then hit the golf course as soon as possible. Be familiar with your chosen golf club set. Do not be surprised with a few adjustments. If in the event after a long while, you are still experiencing major problems with the clubs then do not hesitate to take them back to the retail store.

Choosing and buying the right golf club for you is not such a hard task at all. With the right tips and guides, you will be sure to get the best club so you can do well in golf.

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The Belfry Golf Course Vlog Part 1. Piers and Andy head to play the back 9 at this amazing Ryder Cup venue. SUBSCRIBE to MeAndMyGolf to see more professional…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Comments/Reviews

  • Stephane Gauthier says:

    great ballstriking guys! Looking forward to rest..

  • Alps P says:

    Was that entertaining ? You bet it was guys !! Awesome video
    again….really enjoyed that you both went for the green on the 10th !
    Great birdies. Keep up the amazing work and happy new year

  • Michael Rolton says:

    Great video lads. Pity the starter didn’t recognise you or think that you
    looked like good players. Thankfully, you didn’t ask, ‘Do you know who we
    are?’ Who was the brave guy to the left of the 10th, and what was he doing?

  • Leigh Cooper says:

    I really enjoy your golfing videos, guys! I pick up so much information
    just by watching you.

    I’m sure you’ve already shared this before, but can you tell me what you
    play with? I own a hodge-podge of irons, woods and hybrids. I’m getting
    better and would like to move on to something more purposeful. Thank you!

  • TrailTrackers says:

    Hey guys. Another great video you posted! After the miss off the second
    tee, I thought I would mention something to you that you may be interested
    in. Up until 2014 I have always just used my Sky Caddie. It’s awesome for
    getting distances to all the fairway features; like ‘bunkers’ Piers. 🙂
    However, the one drawback of only using the Sky Caddie is that I always had
    to ‘guess’ where the pin was and then move the indicator on the Sky Caddie
    to that point to get the yardage. I got tired of that finally and bought a
    Leupold GX-3i2 and have never been happier. The optics are totally awesome
    and I now know the exact distance to the pin on my approach shots.
    But, the point of my writing this is to suggest that you guys invest in a
    Sky Caddie. You’ll never have another misread Piers, and you’ll ‘know’
    where that bunker is every time. I know it may sound excessive to some to
    have both, but it has actually lowered my handicap by a couple strokes just
    in 2014.
    Anyway, hope that helps and now I’m going to get back to watching the
    video. Great golf guys! Love your videos.

  • Simon Barnard says:

    Great video thanks. Good advice from starter re tees to play for (even if
    he didn’t know you chaps). Too often seen folks having a nightmare playing
    from ‘wrong’ tees – golf is supposed to be fun! Out of interest, if you
    were playing a 15 Hcp player in a social game, what would you do re tees
    and Hcp allocation? All play from same full Hcp, different tees, full Hcp
    or adjusted or something else?

  • Baz Walker says:

    Course looks great for January ;-)

  • Casey G says:

    Do you guys bring food as a part of your golf routine or is it just because
    you are hungry?

  • michael jirgensons says:

    First hole -really gutsy. Great golf lads

  • Patria Adhi Pradana says:

    Keep post guys, I really love your course vlog vids and your swing!

  • David Simmons says:

    Great playing guys!! You both seemed surprised tho. ha

  • Martin Moore says:

    You’re spoiling us. 🙂 Thanks for all these great course vlogs! And you’re
    both on fire. Well done! A great Christmas gift for us.Thanks guys. Keep up
    the great work and look forward to following you guys in 2015. 

  • Nick Hough says:

    Nice vid guys – great weather and cracking golf! After Andy’s question to
    the starter about blue tees I notice you went off the whites at 10!
    311 yards just a bit too much carry eh? ;)

  • John Robinson says:

    Wow, amazing golf. Really good to watch. Happy new year guys. Looking
    forward to more vids in 2015. 

  • Mark Benson says:

    When was this? Course in great condition 

  • davemucky says:

    happy new year guys . Belfry is only 25minutes away on the m42 but never
    played but it is on the wish list. Thanks for the vlog guys you’ll have
    cost me a fortune in the spring lol 

  • Nico Boller says:

    Great Vlog! Happy New Year Andy and Piers!

  • Simon Wearn says:

    Expensive corporate rubbish hated it even when I was a trainee 

  • Cace Smith says:

    Love the vlogs gents! And WOW…what a start at the Belfry!!

  • jbss7382 says:

    Thanks for this vlog guys, I’m playing there on the 10th of March. SO
    looking forward to it.

  • austeritycup says:

    Gents, really enjoying these Vlog’s. One question, how do you hit the ball
    so far from such slow looking swings?

  • Y Hirose says:

    happy New year! Beautiful holes, wanna see you guys play really well, lot
    of birdies…and hopefully an eagle…

  • inathaniel11 says:

    Piers has a physical therapist do some graston on your forearm tendonitis.
    It’s really helpful.

  • Thomas Culshaw says:

    WOW great first few holes!

  • Scott Willi says:

    It’s cool to see that great courses like The Belfry get used by everyone to

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