How to Improve Your Short Game in Golf – Short Game Drills

Like most golfers, I am always looking for ways to improve my golf game. One of the most important areas of your golf game is the short game. Learning how to improve your short game in golf is the quickest way to lowering your scores.

Golfers normally carry just two clubs that are designed for golf shots inside 100 yards, the pitching wedge and sand wedge.

If you watch golf on TV you will see that most professional golfers carry three or four wedges in their bag. Most professional golfers are carrying a gap wedge or a lob wedge. They recognize that they need having several different lofted wedges gives them more flexibility and makes it easier to scramble for par when off the green. If you are not carrying at least three wedges in your bag, you have to ask yourself why?

Considering that there are more shots lost inside 100 yards, logic would dictate that you focus more effort on this portion of your golf game. Why is it then, most amateurs spend the majority of their time practicing their driving skills?

Let’s take a look at how to improve your short game in golf. If you are only carrying the standard two wedges in your bag, I would recommend that you add at least one wedge to your bag.

Here are some golf short game drills to help you lower your golf scores.

Practice hitting each of your wedges from three different backswings.

Determine how far you can hit each of your wedges from 7 o’clock, 9 o’clock and 10:30.
Record how far you hit the ball with each wedge using these 3 backswings.

Practice from each distance and work at getting your shots inside of 20 feet, then inside 10 feet, then work on getting your shots inside of 5 feet.

The more consistent you get practicing these golf short game drills, the fewer putts you will have to take and the lower your scores will go.

Professional golfers spend countless hours working on golf short game drills, isn’t it time that you do the same? This portion of your golf game is so important to lowering your scores that there are short game golf schools.

Learn how to improve your short game in golf and you will lower your scores and your handicap.

I have found that while being out on the course I have been able to observe others and offer suggests that quickly improve their performance. Helping others with the little things in life are always a joy. It makes my day when I can help someone else with their journey in life and on the golf course. This article originally published at: World Golf Emporium.

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