How to swing a golf club like Tiger Woods

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  • hellomoto moto says:

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  • Frank Liu says:

    driver shots are beter…….

  • Frank Liu says:

    Do you have a british accent

  • Frank Liu says:

    Its tiger woods. not tiger.

  • Frank Liu says:

    my dad loves this video. I like it a little bit

  • honeymojit says:

    Great instruction, very helpful.

  • Jesse Vardaman says:

    Why would I want to swing a club like Eldrick? Two blown out knees, and heck I can already spray it all over the yard, hit it fat and top it. So, no thank you. I have no desire to swing a club like Eldrick

  • ScoobyGolden says:

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  • Mike Green says:

    were some of you thinking what i was thinking when you saw the title of this vid. How to swing a club like Tiger Woods, boy do i have a dirty mind
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  • pinoy122793 says:

    @pickmann Homosexual golf swing??? Never heard that before. Lol

  • tomfallon11 says:

    please comment on my most recent swing i uploaded, thanks

  • eric dekarski says:

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  • Karl Finch says:

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  • Kevward23 says:

    Great video especially for beginners.. very simple, with great tips but two things I noticed first Vardin grip and overlapping grip are the same, interlock is what you meant. But also lining up you shot by putting something in front of the ball is great on the range but illegal in a round. i pick a spot in front of the ball but its already there I don’t put anything down

  • StarVoyager9 says:

    Great swing tip for anyone but especially if you are over 6 feet tall.

  • tomobriengolf says:

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  • tomfallon11 says:

    Please watch, rate and comment on my swing on my channel! Thanks

  • picmman says:

    Golf has a very homosexual rhythm…….its very clean,,very anal.

  • NGZ6 says:

    this swing is appropriate for players that are at least 180cm (6 ft) tall. Myself I’m only 173 cm and I can’t stand as close to the ball as this guy stands if I’m using regular shaped clubs, not any custom made fancy stuff. 

  • Tammo Murris says:

    I have been trying to hit Like Tiger, but I keep on hitting the shanks,

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  • rotemshiri62 says:


  • Conrad Tang says:

    Thank you Tiger Wood your tips~!

  • Sousou Wat says:

    good swing yeah

  • sangirai39 says:


  • GolfswingHD says:

    Great video.

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