Is it worth taking up golf lessons via books?

Question by : Is it worth taking up golf lessons via books?
If you are planning to play golf professionally, would you take up golf lessons through books? videos? or what?

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Answer by Grzes
i think if i have time ,i will to take up golf lessons through books . if no , i will see some videos .

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  • Subash Babu says:

    Yes you can. But it is like learning swimming through books.

  • says:

    Pay some money to be trained by a professional and practice as much as possible. Even a couple lessons from a local pro can go a long way if you incorporate the ideas they instill on you with books and videos.
    Practice every day if you want to be like the pros.

    Greg Norman went pro at 16 because he practiced every day and tried harder than those around him. Natural ability takes a major role, but practice is key.
    If the next guy was hitting a thousand balls a day then he would hit two thousand.

  • Haydon says:

    Books and videos are handy to supplement your learning, but you should focus on getting lessons from a real live Pro. They can then recommend videos or other materials to help you.

    The one thing books and videos cannot do is tell you if you’re doing something wrong. Before long you could have ingrained bad habits that a pro tutor would have spotted and helped you eliminate.

  • Robert says:

    you can read you can watch, but you need the actual physical experience.

  • green_lantern66 says:

    I don’t see why not. Pros like KJ Choi and Johnny Miller learned the game by reading books. If you get a golf magazine subscription, find one instructor that resonates with you and only follow his/her lessons. Different teachers have different thought processes- or even totally different ways of accomplishing the same thing!

  • Mark Black - Christian deserves to be champion! says:

    I wouldn’t study from books if i want to play ANY sport professionally. It’s not worth it because knowledge is not enough to play professionally, you will need a lot of training and you need to be trained by a professional. You won’t become better with knowledge, you become better with experience. A book can tell you how to hit he ball properly, but if you don’t practice you will still suck at it.

    What you need to do is train a lot, let a pro train you and watch videos so you can ‘watch and learn’. Books will not help you much.

  • Scott Finley says:

    if you are planning to play professionally then you would get an instructor, but if not then I would through videos.

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