Key Elements to a Golf Fitness Program

Golf FitnessA golf fitness program is key to improvement. Several of the top touring professionals know that winning on the tour today takes a whole lot more than a wonderful game of golf. It includes comprehending each aspect of their bodily and mental being and which factors affect their operation.

Golf Fitness Program

Get a competitive advantage in your next round by integrating these three crucial elements into your present fitness program to make it a golf fitness program.

Specific To Golf

Get rid of the gymnasium machines which give attention to isolating particular muscle groups and need no stabilization work by added muscles. Incorporate some old and also new fitness tools which allow you to move your body in a more functional setting. You need a golf conditioning program and not a generic one.

Raise Center Stability

More efficient movement creates more efficient power. Golfers require both core and trunk stabilization and endurance and maintain an athletic stance over long intervals of time. By increasing your strength and endurance in the core area of your body, you supply both a solid base of support for rotation in addition to the proper transfer of power throughout the body.  This is the type of golf strength training that will impact your game.

Your Planes of Motion During Exercise

A golf fitness program will have varying planes of motion as part of your weekly strength routine. Motions are included front to back by planes of movement, left to right and rotational exercises. Some good examples golf flexibility exercises include multi-directional lunges and medicine ball wood chops.

You can create the best golf exercise program to improve your game.



Golf Fitness ProgramGolf Fitness Program


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