Play Golf in China

Play Golf in China

Today I want to introduce four major cities’ information about golf. If you have the chance to go there, I would be happy if this passage will do some good for you.

The first I want to say is , of course, Beijing (perhaps it’s the only city you know about China, whatever, if you read my passage, you will know at least four). Beijing, the capital city of China, is the Political and cultural center of China as well. Beijing has the largest number of golf holes all over China. However Beijing is not the first place golf is started, it is the fast developing city of golf industry. The golf industry has bring profits to some related fields and is now very promising. It’s more than the sport itself.If you are interested, you may invest in Beijing golf industry.


Shanghai, the golf’s hometown in China. Shanghai is the country’s economy center, where the 2010 EXPO is held. One hundred plus years ago, China’s first golf course is built here and today it is golf’s new paradise. Now shanghai has 12 golf courses, 234 holes. Because of Shanghai’s specific geographic position and economic background or maybe cultural base, shanghai has led Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces(which is near shanghai) to flourish in golf. We call shanghai, Zhejiang and Jiangsu the BIG SHANGHAI. Now the Big shanghai area has 21 golf courses and 441 holes.  Guangdong province is the third place I will talk about. It is a developed province, with the most golf courses more than all other individual provinces also with the largest population who play golf. Not only is the good geography makes the course easy to be preserved and everyday you can play golf there, but also is because Guangdong is a province whose economy developed quite early and its people is inclined to accept new things. Zhang wei, trainer of the Shengzhen Hanggang Golf Club, told us” you can see it quite often that men play golf with men, their wives play golf with each other and their kids also play golf- almost a family game”. In this kind of soil, Guangdong’s golf industry has developed to a mature degree, also it brings benefits to some related economy. In other words, golf brings Guangdong to a new stage.

Now there are 48 golf courses in Guangdong Province and altogether 1188 holes. But some problems arise with the rapid development of golf in Guangdong. For example, in 2001 this province’s GDP is 1055.6 billion and growth rate is 9.5% but the growth of golf is higher against the GDP, which means more social resources are wasted.

The last place I’d like to introduce to you is Hainan province, a very famous tropical island with beautiful seashores and coastlines. It is now the most famous tourism destination in China. Recently, Chinese government has decided to alter it into an international tourism island. Now Hainan has 9 golf courses and 171 holes.


It is reported that Hainan government will seize the chance as a locomotive industry and promote it to be a major source of income. Although this province’s GDP is quite left behind, but with the government’s support in golf industry, I think it is very promising to invest there.

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