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Question by Sean LeBreton: Learning ABOUT golf?
are there any websites/ books that I could read that teach me history of golf, how to know what clubs to use at cetain times and golf difinations, you know basic stuff. Again I don’t really want to know how to play golf just geting the basic feel for golf.


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history has little to do with learning to play, so you can stop thinking about that if you don’t want to learn how to play.
Unfortunately “feel” does have a lot to do in playing

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  • larry G says:

    Golf Magazine is fantastic at giving you the latest golf information and the latest tips when playing and the latest technological breakthroughs. If you want quick results I would suggest going to Borders and getting Idiots guide to Golf. It does a great job of telling you how to set up in your stance, grip, how to swing and how to judge length. If you are a more visual person, go to youtube and type in Beginner’s guide to golf. That should give you plenty to think about.


  • pgarox says:

    For books, start here:


    Websites with history, try http://www.britannica.com, although you’ll have to pay for the premium access.

    A free-access site, which is good, is http://www.about.com

  • Eddie Mix says:

    try this site for free lessons and lots of ebooks

  • Mark winters says:


    I take it you are new to the game of golf? Welcome to a life of agony and ecstasy. I’ve spent some of the best times of my life in the golf environment. It’s not just the golf, it’s the people, the comraderie, the open air and the fabulous locations I’ve had the privilege of visiting. You’ve made a good choice.

    If you want to get a feel for the game and take years off the learning curve – here is tip for you.

    You talk to any any serious golfer and they will tell you that 80% of golf is in your mind. There is a set of audio tapes I use that teach subliminal messaging as a training aid. I recommend it wholeheartedly.


    Good luck


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