How to Break 80 Review


How to Break 80 Review


Price: $37

A fairly easy system to implement while still being comprehensive in covering most aspects of your game.

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How To Improve At Golf

Golfers who shoot in the 70s (for 18 holes) are in my opinion very good golfers.  So How to Break 80 is a product designed to move you to the next level.  Once you are shooting in the 70s consistently, this website will probably no longer be for you.  I will be sorry to see you go, but then again The Golf Instructors is about improving golf games.  So if the cost of success is people moving on, I have to take that as a victory.  So the question here is whether How to Break 80 will actually help you achieve that lofty goal?  The quick answer is yes, I think it will.  This is a high quality product at a very reasonable price.

How to Break 80 is a collection of pretty simply and straight foreword “secrets” or techniques that you can apply easily to your golf game.  Like The Simple Golf Swing (also reviewed on this site), How to Break 80 is not focused on complex techniques that will take you years to master (or not), but rather has things you can try out tomorrow on the practice range or more importantly on the course.

Good Golf Swing

The product “guarantees” it will shave at least 7 strokes from your game and add at least 50 yards to you tee shots.  That is a pretty bold claim, but it does come with an unconditional 60 day money-back guarantee.  So because I am telling you this is a quality product and you have nothing to lose, why not see if it will work that magic for your game?

The author Jack Moorehouse is a regular golfer who would shoot in the 90s and 100s (sound familiar?).  Frustrated he went out a bought and consumed everything on the subject as well as took lessons.  In the process he discovered what he calls some essential ideas that he distilled from all this information and that is what he teaches in this product.

Improve Golf Swing

The product is an 80-page eBook.  One of the things I don’t like is that the picture of the product (see above) shows CDs or DVDs and that seems to indicate that video is included. It is not.

How to Break 80 is a bit more expansive in its coverage than The Simple Golf Swing.  I prefer The Simple Golf Swing slightly more but both are excellent products.  How to Break 80 has a different approach to the golf swing than The Simply Golf Swing (which is based on a limited swing).  So, many of you may like How to Break 80 better.

 The Golf Instructors Approves

How to Break 80 covers grip, stance, chipping, bunker shots, putting, how to draw and fade, how to get out of trouble and the mental game.  Nevertheless, you will get through the book in about an hour.  It also comes with 5 nice bonuses including a golf performance tracking software program that will help you track the improvement in your game.  I think it is this software than is “pictured” with the CD/DVDs in the picture.

I am convinced that How to Break 80 will improve your golf game.

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Conclusion Rating
An excellent approach to improving your entire game yet in a simple easy to do way.
5 stars

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