Power Golf Program Review


Power Golf Program Review


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A completely different way to improve your golf game.

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How to Improve Golf Swing

The Power Golf Program is a completely different approach to improving your golf game.  Instead of focusing directly on your game it focuses on your body.  Now my first reaction to this program was “oh great–just what I need another book telling me that I need to drop a significant number of pounds (which I already know) and that I can do so in 90 days.”  Losing weight is a much longer time commitment than 90 days.  So at first I dismissed this product because I thought it would mean putting my golf game on hold for a year or so, while I solve me weight problem.  Well, I am happy to tell you that this is not what the Power Golf Program is about nor does it take years or even months to implement.

Many of us have invested significant money in golf lessons only to be frustrated with the results.  During such lessons the pro tries to get us to do certain things and often we cannot do them.  For instance the pro tells you to make a 90 degree shoulder turn.  You try and he or she tries to help you do it.  Eventually the two of you come to the conclusion that indeed you cannot do the requested action.  The next advice is to make some kind of “compensation” in your swing to make that shoulder turn. The result is less power, more miss-hits and an even more complicated swing–one that you can’t repeat.

How to Improve Your Game

It is exactly at this point that Mike Pedersen, author or the Power Golf Program comes to the rescue.  Pedersen has 20 years of experience as a fitness trainer who is also a golf fanatic who plays to a single digit handicap.  Before creating this product Pedersen went out and bought and looked at every golf fitness book in print.   There are a lot of them.  However, he found that they were either written by fitness people that knew little about golf or by golf experts that had just dabbled in fitness.  He concluded that none of them covered the dynamics of the golf swing and how to strengthen the specific golf muscles and produce rapid results.  I find that Pedersen’s product has succeeded in combining these two things into a unique and useful product.

The Power Golf Program argues that our bodies are often the problem with our golf games.  We all have certain physical capabilities and limitations which are not matched to the game of golf.  So we need to develop our bodies in certain ways.  Now he is talking about things like a simple stretch or strength movement to solve a particular problem.  What he teaches does not require you to get a gym membership and be there every day at 5:00 AM in order to be a better golfer.  Actually he argues that work in the gym may actually hurt your golf game.  (I like him better already!)  What he teaches are simple exercise that you can do at home.  I liken it to chiropractic adjustments for your body without the expense of a chiropractor.

How to Improve at Golf

The Power Golf Program is designed to train your muscles to consistently hit the ball near to perfection every time.  Using the program trains your body to do the things that a “killer” golf swing demands.  You can do so in a fraction of the time that it would normally take using other methods like a lesson.  It really is an easy program to implement.

Pedersen argues that hitting fewer balls on the range can actually help your swing.  Now how could you not like that idea?  Perhaps you are different than me.  But I hate the range.  I quickly get bored and distracted.  I suspect that I mostly just reinforce bad habits.  That idea then of course justifies my habit of not going to the range.  The Power Golf Program does not advocate any such thing.  Instead it calls for shorter but more purposeful practice.

Good Golf Swing

One of the things that I like about the Power Golf Program is that it can be combined with another program and together they could really make a difference in your game.  I wouldn’t for instance suggest that you purchase both The Simple Golf Swing and How to Break 80 (both reviewed elsewhere on this site).  However, I can recommend that you buy one of those programs and this one.  That way you can get your body ready for golf and also improve other aspects of your game as well.


Conclusion Rating
An excellent program that will get your body ready to play excellent golf.
5 stars

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