The Simple Golf Swing Review


The Simple Golf Swing Review


Price: $67

Thought the product is brief, it is high quality. The Simple Golf Swing is easy to implement and improves one's golf game.

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The Simple Golf Swing is exactly what it says it is—a simple golf swing.  The eBook/video combination program is designed for the average golfing and if implemented correctly it can make a significant difference in your game.  It is an easy system to follow.

Most golf teaching methods are designed to give you something like Tiger Woods’ swing.  Every minute detail of the swing are taught to you.  How long does such teaching take?  Well, a lifetime of course.  Such a method keeps you coming back for lessons year after year because you can’t remember all minutia let alone actually implement it all into your swing.  This leads the average golfer to years of disappointment, frustration and probably results in little improvement in our games.  This approach just isn’t appropriate for the vast majority of golfers.

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This is exactly the premise upon which The Simple Golf Swing is based.  It provides a stark contrast to the traditional approach.  Instead of minutia, the swing is boiled down to its essentials and then those essentials are taught to you in the Simple Golf Swing program.

The creator/author of the program is David Nevogt.  He is not a professional golfer.  I suppose that fact scares some away from The Simple Golf Swing.  However, I think it makes sense that he isn’t a pro.  It is exactly that fact that has freed him from the mindset of the traditional golf teaching methods.  Instead he has an engineering background and has used that analytical training and applied to the golf swing finding the essential core which this product teaches.  He has helped thousands of average golfers improve their game.

Now one of the criticisms of The Simple Golf Swing is that the package itself is pretty small.  I think one of the fears we all have with internet products is that we will not get much for our money.  I think the first internet product I bought (not a golf product) cost me something like $30 and it was 2-pages long.  I was furious and felt ripped-off.  At least in the book store you can see how thick the book is and videos in stores also list how long they are.  Well I am here to tell you that this is not a bulky product, it is pretty thin.  The eBook is just 32-pages and the video is only 37 minutes.  Now that does not seem like much content for the price.  Oh yeah, this is supposed to be simple and not complicated.  I am very impressed that the product tells you right on the sales page the lengths that I just noted—it does not hide it at all.  Moreover, The Simple Golf Swing comes with 10 bonuses and they add considerable value to the product.  However, it is important to remember that the product itself is not bulky because the swing it teaches is actually simple.  That’s the point.

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I am really impressed with this product.  I rate it as the top teaching product for average golfers.  The Simple Golf Swing teaches power, accuracy and consistency.  Most of us would play remarkably better if our games had those characteristics.  Get them with The Simple Golf Swing.

I have created a YouTube video about The Simple Golf Swing.  Along with introducing the product, it also outlines the 10 bonuses you get with the product.  Click here to watch my Golf Swing Video.

By the way, there are free tips and videos on The Simple Golf Swing website.  So at least go check them out.


Conclusion Rating
The best teachin product for the average golfer.
5 stars

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