Rick golf swing

Check out these golf driver swing images:

Rick golf swing
golf driver swing
Image by danperry.com
Rick, hitting his driver into a tree, earning his new nickname:


Review of Highland Woods Golf Course in Hoffman Estates, Illinois.

Crane Creek Country Club Managers’ golf swing
golf driver swing
Image by ★ spunkinator
I’m sure at some point or another you’ve flipped through one of the dozens of golf magazines out there and seen the tutorial sections with shot-by-shot analysis of the world’s best swings. I was approached by the private golf club to make a shot like that.

Even though it looks like all ten managers are on the teebox with the same driver, I shot each one individually, one by one, and then layered and composited them all into one big (400MB) picture. The biggest pain in the ass was getting all the shadows behind the legs to look tuck behind the next few peoples’ legs. Lots of layer masks on this one! Check out the large size to see the detail. Photoshop time: 3 hours.

I didn’t notice it earlier, but you can see the sun’s progression by looking at the shadow directions from left to right. Cool!

To cam right of each subject, I had 3x500w shop lights to fill in the shadows, but they didn’t do much 😉

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