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On October 9, 2009,Copenhagen time on Friday, the international Olympic committee voted to golf and rugby sevens become 2016 and 2020 summer Olympic Games official event
The athletes and officials from the two sports made the last statement, including broadcast the video about Tiger Woods and other top professional golfers, after the international Olympic committee vote alone, two sports got the support from the majority, and gained the access to the Olympic Games. Woods expressed that he would attend the Olympic Games if the golf really became the 2016 summer games event.”Millions of young golfers will be proud of the attendance of the contest representing their countries,” woods said in the President’s cup, “by attending the sport is an honor not only for Olympic people, but for anybody.”
Golf, at 63 votes, 27 nays, 2 abstentions get through, and rugby sevens criterion with 81 votes, 8 nays, 1 abstention join the Olympic Games.
Sevens team contains 12 men and women, each team is made up of seven people race, race for four days. Golf for 72 holes than pole “form, the men and women’s game, runs by 60 players for each. Rugby and golf appeared in the Olympic Games for the first time was in the second session of the modern Olympic Games in Paris in1900.
Golf only in 1904 after the United States appeared again on the Saint Louis games for once, and football also three times previously, its last appearance, in the Paris Games in 1924.Friday’s vote was also a victory for Jacques Roger , the president of the international Olympic committee. Hours ago, he was elected as the last four years of tenure.
“Time will show your decision is very wise.”
Roger said,
Under the guidance of the Roger Golf and rugby in August will be selected for the Olympic Games by the IOC executive committee, and the sacrifice will be suffered by another five candidates, baseball and softball, squash, karate and skidding , kicked out of the Olympics.
This election process irritated some IOC members, they want to cut all the seven campaign to put together to vote, senior IOC members Canadian Dick – Pound before the vote on complained IOC members had never told why the two games beyond another five stand out.
“It’s not fair for another five sports,” Bond says, “because the decision by that voting was opaque.”
New option system was implemented out of the agreement with adding of two programs in London 2012 Olympic Games by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) , so that London Olympic Games only owns 26 sports events, rather than usual for 28.
If this met a similar failure, the Roger and IOC executive board would get a blow.

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