Senior Golfers

Most senior golfers try to get fit through golf and very few for golf. Any senior who is 60 or older is entitled to senior discount rates on private golf lessons. The golf swing is probably one of the most frustrating parts of the game of golf. The best golf ball for the senior golfers depends on whether you are primarily interested in 1. Even if you are not able to do much walking, golf is a beneficial activity for the older crowd. The social aspects are just as important as the golf.

Many new players will whip the club back with their hands. The proper way to bring the club back is to allow the shoulders to turn while maintaining a square club face, followed by the hips. You’ll want to focus on the ankles, hips and shoulders, as well as the legs and back. One is the famed Lady Precept ball, introduced in 2000. Whether you have a good round going or a bad round going, you have to finish. Senior golfers typically cannot swing the club as fast as younger and more agile golfers.

Many courses are going to require you to adjust your swing and distance. There is no point hanging on to a regular flex shaft if you cannot hit it well. The entire game is going to depend on how you tee off. Steve is a very sympathetic instructor and knows how to get the best out of people.

You can get all sorts of equipment for the senior level. Distance is almost always a good thing, especially if you are struggling to regain or retain your length. Distance golf balls are going to have rock hard covers. Most senior golfers are highly successful and have worked hard throughout their lives to play good golf but are unaware of golf specific training. You have plenty of options when you are shopping for good golf balls for seniors. There are no quick fixes to a good golf swing.

Golf is one of the few sports people enjoy their entire life. The trade-off is touch and feel, especially around the greens. You’ll be playing better golf sooner than you have any right to. The South Carolina Junior Golf Foundation exposes the wonderful game of golf to a wide variety of young people. Meadow Park Golf Course is a great place to meet new people or old friends for a social game of golf. As muscle tone progresses, most people are able to gradually return to golf in three to four months.

The senior golfer can play the hybrid club like a long iron. Long iron shots are fun again with the SUPER S Hybrid. When you find the sweetspot you can almost feel the ball as it comes off the face. You might be glad to replace the long irons with a hybrid club. Even the pros are beginning to replace some of their longer irons with them.

A big part of your results are going to depend on how you tee off. A lot of guys who have never choked, have never been in the position to do so. In the outside world a becoming a senior starts usually when you are 65. Golf is not and has never has been a fair game. Golf has always been a favorite game among the seniors.

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