What IS golf?

Question by golffeind: What IS golf?
What is golf to you?

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  • life rocks :) says:

    a sport that I only play in the fall

  • thatgirl says:

    golf is a sport where a tiny white ball is hit with a club.

  • hottotrot1_usa says:

    Its a profession people take up when they are bored with the one that makes them money.

  • Rhymin' Greiman says:

    A rare combination of a sport and hobby for all ages. Fun for some, too slow for others, but doesn’t mean it’s not entertaining to play…. not so much to watch in my opinion.

  • crackhead conservative says:

    Very Boring.
    yay! lets hit a white ball and chase it until it goes into the hole

  • Alice K says:

    I agree with Mark Twain: Golf is a nice walk ruined.

  • wolfpack1jmb says:

    boring to watch fun to play

  • Rick W says:

    Golf is a game that people either love or they can’t stand. Sometimes both. There have been many times where I have said how much I love the game before my round and by the end, wish that I had an extra couple thousand dollars just so I could smash every one of the clubs in my bag.

    Golfing, next to hitting a baseball is probably the hardest thing in sports to be good at. People will say that it takes the least amount of physical fitness of any of the major sports. However it just might take the MOST amount of mental toughness. It’s just you out there, that’s what makes it so awesome. You againsts yourself, against the course, against the rest of the field.

    I’ve been playing for over 15 of my 25 years on this earth and there is nothing I love more.

    Okay, now I’m about to get poetic on you. The smell of the freshly cut grass in the morning as the temperature reaches about 65 degress and they are calling you to the tee. The surreal looking green grass surrounding you and all that exists around you is a 7,000 yard sculpture that is the golf course. It’s truly the game of the gods.

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